How it Works

With inexpensive, low-risk growth options, we optimize incremental sales and achieve superior profitability.

kitchen zone kitchen space providing compnay

Choose which restaurant ideas you'd like to explore.

Open your kitchen in low price

Utilize current personnel and resources.

With Kitchen Zone generate more income

Cooking idea recipes with some basic instruction

Kitchen Data Management system

Fill orders for internet delivery services as they come in.

Get Kitchen in low cost and low risk

Increase your income without increasing your costs!

Cloud Kitchen Model

About Kitchen Zone

Zone Multiverse is a conglomerate that has a dozen subsidiaries in the UAE it is a one-stop solution for a lot of your needs. Starting back in the year 1976 with just an automobile service station, our brand new deals in limousine service spare parts, and a few service-related companies and has become the largest fleet provider is the biggest food delivery brand in UAE. As you know the food industry is changing from dining to online delivery. So we have decided to jump into cloud kitchens

Introducing to you 'Kitchen Zone' which is a multiverse of several different cuisines, built for delivery & take-out in which we have a chain of brands, delivering highly fresh, mouth-watering authentic & Hygenic food to the customers within minimum possible time. Our team consists of world-class chefs who have joined us from different parts of the globe, guaranteeing taste beyond imagination. Further, we provide kitchen spaces for new startups and for restaurateurs who plan to ride a delivery kitchen. We have spacious kitchens (around 100-200 sq. ft.), that are efficiently furnished, according to your needs.

Is a Virtual Kitchen Concept the Right Choice for my Business?

In cloud kitchen low staff

The key component to expanding your business

Open a kitchen in one week

Prepare food in weeks rather than months. Whether you're starting your own kitchen from scratch or taking an established brand into a new market, we make it simple to get it up and running.

Grow with low risk and low capital

It is easy and inexpensive to move into our kitchens. You won't have to pay money upfront to outfit a physical restaurant. Gaining control over front-of-house personnel and expenses increases your profit margin.

Get more people to try your food

Obtain immediate access to a completely new consumer base. We locate our facilities in areas where there are plenty of hungry people ordering meals online often.

Utilize technology to simplify your company processes.

Use one tablet to manage your complete restaurant operation. Access all of your orders from a single app, connect all of your delivery services and gain company management analytics and tools.

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